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New Universal Launchpad

Today, launch pads are specific to each launcher, and they have to invest heavily and support high operating expenses.

Tomorrow, launchers and launch pads will be

The NUPad enables the operation of several different launchers in a
generic and autonomous way.

The NUPad is composed of different universal all-in-one boxes : LOXBox, MethaneBox, Control&CommandBox PayloadBox, ...

It’s a
turnkey solution for various missions (engine testing, stage testing, launch) and various launchers.

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Liquid Oxygen Box

Developed with the help of the program FRANCE 2030, the LOXBox is a complete mobile system dedicated to the implementation of liquid oxygen.

The LOXBox is a mobile fluidic skid designed to be
easily transported and installed on various facilities.

It is not just a fluidic system, it encloses the control command and operational software ready to use.

The LOXBox is one of the building blocks of the NUPad.


Virtual Twin

The TwinPad is the first ever digital twin of a launch system. It allows the virtual end-to-end simulation of the launcher on the launch pad.

The virtual qualification of a complex system, mixing physical models and control command systems, is called
virtual commissioning.

The user experience is totally
equivalent to reality.

The TwinPad also may be used for design, testing, software qualification, user training, configuration management, predictive maintenance, ...


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