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Client: ArianeGroup

The VOLARE project, for the European Space Agency (ESA), is studying solutions for the future of space transportation in Europe. The project focuses on reusable launch systems for micro-mini, medium and heavy launchers, including human space transportation applications. The aim is to establish a set of common building blocks that enables maximum levels of reusability and automation. Project VOLARE is part of the efforts undertaken in support of preparing an informed debate on Europe’s space ambitions in space transportation and exploration at the occasion of the Space Summit to be held in Sevilla, Spain in November 2023.

As Spaceports architects, SpaceDreamS will focus on the ground segment building blocks of the launch system family, including the infrastructure and operations at the spaceport, recovery zone and refurbishment area.



Clients : Consortium France 2030  LeanSpace / Latitude / Clemessy / SpaceDreamS

The outcome of the HAMMAGUIR project is a unified, cloud-native software infrastructure to fuel engineering activities, ranging from designing rockets, testing rocket engines, conducting launch campaigns, reconfiguring launch infrastructures and sharing operational data with customers, suppliers and spaceports. These outcomes will be key to enabling the launch companies’ business models, which rely on successfully handling a high pace of launches, and managing different payloads and launch sites.

The project is executed by a consortium consisting of Leanspace, Latitude, Clemessy and SpaceDreamS. Together, the members of the consortium bring ample experience in launch vehicle design, development and manufacturing, as well as systems engineering, launcher operational concepts, and cloud technologies. Through the project, the consortium will produce a set of proven, market-ready solutions which empower small satellite launcher companies.


Coactivity Study of the Diamant Launch Base

Client: CNES

The CNES is looking to expand the CSG with the development of a new launch complex capable of hosting several micro & mini launchers simultaneously. The Diamant Launch Complex will receive several launchers that will share common resources of the launch site and the CSG launch base.

These constraints lead to one of the key challenges to be addressed: the scheduling of launches at this multi-use site.

The objective of the study is investigate scheduling scenarios and solutions to establish the maximum realistic launch rate achievable on the ELM, optimizing the use of resources, operations, …


Based on its expertise and on a benchmark on aviation and train network sectors, SpaceDreamS provide a detail study going through :

  • Problem context and scope of inquiry.

  • Description of the common means, and launch range CONOPS

  • Lessons learned and good practices from aviation organization

  • Descriptive scenarios to explore Launch Priority Management & Launch Operational Management.

Scheduling timescales proposal

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