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Client: HyPrSpace

HyPrSpace is a startup that is developing Orbital Baguette-1 (OB-1), a micro-launcher based on a new patented hybrid propulsion technology. This solution allows for high propulsion performance while halving manufacturing and fuel costs compared to standard liquid propulsion technology.

SpaceDreamS is a startup that designs the "gas stations" of tomorrow's rockets. The LOXBox, which provides a supply of liquid oxygen (-183°C), at high pressure and high flow rate, is a standardized, mobile, and compatible solution for all stages of launcher qualification (engine, stages, suborbital and orbital launches).

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European Commission

European Bench for Engine and Stage Testing (Eu-BEST) is the first economically sustainable test facility in Europe designed for multiple users and a high-test cadence.


The modular, mobile, and adaptable ground means will provide testing services to a variety of customers, across several locations.


In this project, SpaceDreamS acts as technical architect and will leverage the existing LOXBox, MethaneBox, and TwinPad solutions to provide a user-oriented design.

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